The Beer League Tribune

The Beer League Tribune is a side project of mine I started in the fall of 2017. The idea is to have folks from all over share their favorite hockey stories. The project is ongoing and I work on it when possible.

I built the site on WordPress using the WP Bootstrap Starter theme. I also use Ninja Forms and Advanced Custom Fields to help aid in the creation of the site. By using these tools, I was able to do custom templates and build a custom site.

In addition to building the site, I designed the logo myself and used hockey stick blades to form quote marks. At the very end of the blade, it is formed in the shape of a beer can. If the logo mark is by itself, I sometimes use a circle behind it as then it looks like it is the logo mark on a puck. After creating the logo, I designed the site using a mobile-first approach and wanting the written content easily readable when on a mobile device.

Check out the code repo here.