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WordPress has grown more and more popular over the years. It has reached up to over 29% of the internet! Along with its overall growth, the toolset has grown as well. One of those tools that have appeared and has started gaining popularity, is Beaver Builder. I have used Beaver Builder for almost two years! I use it because Beaver Builder’s ease of use and lack of shortcodes, makes WordPress web design effortless, without sacrificing page speed.
Beaver builder makes web page building a breeze! It builds on the “front end” of the WordPress editor making it a “visual builder”. Visual builders are becoming very popular and Beaver Builder is one the best visual builders! All items or modules can be dragged and dropped. These items include columns, titles, texts, images, galleries and several other common web elements. Once the items are dragged into place and built out you can see the page how a visitor to your site would as you build! It is because of this feature and the ease of dragging and dropping that makes building pages in Beaver Builder swift and easy!
Beaver builder isn’t just easy to use for building web pages, but it can help speed up overall site design. Unlike some of the more popular themes such as Be, Jupiter, or Avada, Beaver Builder uses the native Customizer WordPress panel instead of one built into the theme or WordPress backend. This allows the user to make and see changes in real time just like the page builder! It is very intuitive and user-friendly! When a user can make adjustments and see the overall design while they are working on it, it makes the process of building a site go by in a flash!
The last great thing about Beaver Builder and one of the best things is the lack of shortcodes! This is a crucial feature! It is an imperative feature because a site or theme that uses a lot of shortcodes could cause your page to load slow. This is especially true if your page builder uses a lot of shortcodes. For example, a page with Visual Composer or Visual Page Builder, almost all the time, runs sluggish compared to a site with Beaver Builder. This is because Visual Composer uses a lot of shortcodes for it to work. Also, if you decide to deactivate a theme that uses shortcodes, then you will have bits of HTML or similar code sprinkled throughout your content. Thus, you would have to go to every page and delete or re-paste your content to get rid of the shortcake’s leftovers. With Beaver Builder not using shortcodes, it makes your site run faster (than one that relies heavily on shortcodes) Also, if you were to move on from Beaver Builder, you are left with just your content. There is nothing to go in and delete! This makes the lack of shortcodes one of the best things.
It is easy to see why Beaver Builder has gained in popularity over the past few years. It is easy to use, makes building sites quick and it lacks shortcodes. It is because of these great features that make WordPress website building very effortless!

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