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I believe we have all been there, looking at great flashy WordPress themes and wanting our client’s site to be just as flashy. However, after we pay the $X for the theme, it makes our client’s site appear bare bones, there are no flashy pictures are included (or maybe you bought a theme like Avada and the opposite happened and you are suddenly overwhelmed), and you’re stuck with a theme that you’re not sure how to use. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar or is there a similar scenario you had? It seems that WordPress developers of all skill levels have a story that is similar. I believe that Theme Forest can be a bad place for WordPress developer’s to go for purchasing themes.

One reason I think Theme Forest can be bad is that there is no real control to what people are putting up. Theme Forest is one of the largest marketplaces for a reason and several themes are being tossed up a day. Anyone can throw up a theme and if it is a single developer instead of a team, what happens if that person gets hired by a company, tragically gets injured, or passes away? The theme doesn’t stay up to date and supported. Another scenario is what happens if the developer, doesn’t really know what they’re doing? Then, your site might be vulnerable to cyber attacks! There is a rating and feedback system on Theme Forest. However, I still would recommend choosing a theme that is supported by a team or company versus a single provider if you have to purchase from Theme Forest.

Another reason, I think Theme Forest isn’t the best is that there are several “Mega Themes”. These themes such as Avada, Be, and Jupiter, just to name a few, pack so much into their theme that it takes forever to learn, and you don’t even need half the stuff that they come with. Also, some might come with their own version of a plugin, for example, Visual Composer or Visual Page Builder. If that happens, then they have their own shortcodes and if you were to change themes, you are stuck with shortcodes you cannot use with your next theme. In addition to their own version of plugins, they come with bundled plugins. For example, Avada comes bundled with 3 slider plugins. (Revolution, Fusion, Awesome slider). Why does one need all three sliders? I think that these mega themes are something to avoid unless you have really done your homework on them.

The last reason I think that Theme Forest can be bad is that it can deceive developers. For example, almost all theme demos are created using great photos, but what happens if your client’s photos aren’t of the same quality or they aren’t the right dimensions? Does the theme still work the same? Also, does the site’s demo use the latest version of the theme you’re downloading? Be sure to check the stylesheet of the demo you’re viewing to be sure. What happens if your client doesn’t have a lot of content? Does their website look as good as the demo? While the demos offer a glimpse of what the theme can do, please use caution!

I believe these are three good reasons that prove that Theme Forest can be a bad place for WordPress developers to go for picking out their next theme.

Instead of Theme Forest, I would look into ACF and Custom Templates or a page builder such as Beaver Builder!

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