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Advanced Custom Fields is one of the best plugins I have ever used! It is very flexible and allows developers a lot of flexibility when creating pages. It also interacts nicely with the Beaver Builder toolset and extends it’s flexibility as well. The flexibility that it offers, makes it one of the best plugins out there for WordPress.

The reason it is such a great plugin is that it allows the designer to design a great looking web site (or page) and not worry about how the client might ruin it. This is because you can have the client still use the traditional WordPress backend to switch out or change their content, and then, by using the various tools inside of Beaver Builder or custom page templates in a child theme, you can call that specific field in your design! Thus, the client never has to interact with your awesome designed front end! This keeps things neat on the front end design looking great and keeps the designer at ease knowing their great looking site won’t be broken!

Another reason that this plugin is great is that it keeps things simple for the client! If you have a custom template or post type for your custom fields to be displayed on, then the client never has to see your page builder or code. Have you ever tried training a client to use Divi, Visual Composer, or Beaver Builder? They are all great tools and designers and developers understand them, but it may take our clients a little bit to figure out since they do not use them every day! Thus if you could simplify the back end and name the custom field the exact area of text or photo are that will be changed, then for the client, it will be a piece of cake! This simplicity is great and the clients will love it!

Advanced Custom Fields is one of the best plugins out there! Its flexibility is great and makes it easy for designers and developers as well as our clients to fall in love with!

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